Helping clients make their environment as comforting

as possible is why I do what I do. Whether it's through

interior design or freshening up pieces of furniture,

I love seeing the transformation of a home.


I received my Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Engineering Technology in 2003, then worked for an architecture firm in Hartford, CT. During my time there I focused primarily on commercial interiors. I had opportunities to work with several large insurance companies. I specialized in space planning (furniture and office plan arrangement), but also had opportunities to select finishes, manage projects, and work directly with clients and contractors. I found that I had a passion for interior spaces, and how to make them work, and appeal to the end user.

When my daughter was born (6 weeks prematurely), I decided to leave the office to stay home full time. My passion for interior design has not faded over the years, and in the spring of 2017 I passed a final exam to become an NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer. This means that I understand the importance of building codes and life safety in design.

Over the years I began to refinish furniture to give it new life. I have painted numerous pieces for my own home in a variety of colors and styles. I have sold several refinished pieces as well where they are now loved in new homes. 

Another passion of mine is to help people (as well as myself) live simpler lives. Reducing clutter from a home can greatly increase contentment within a home, and help to reduce negative feelings. Removing things from a home can be an overwhelming and emotional process, but I enjoy helping people on this journey.


Sarah Bezanson, NCIDQ