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Furniture Refinishing

Transforming your furniture to match your vision has never been easier. With my custom furniture painting services, I work closely with you to select the perfect paint colors and hardware to breathe new life into your piece, and ultimately your home.


From sleek modern finishes to rustic charm, refurnishing your old and new pieces will leave you amazed at the transformation.

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"I just picked up my 6th piece by Sarah for my home! Sarah’s work is so beautiful. She is able to bring new life, beauty and character to the furniture she transforms. Sarah has amazing attention to detail and works hard to listen to her clients’ vision- but I always tend to defer to her own artistic eye when selecting paint colors, stains and other customized details! You can trust Sarah to refinish a piece already in your home or to help you find the perfect piece you are looking for to complete a space. You will not be disappointed!"


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Don't let your furniture blend into the background any longer. With Furniture Refinishing Services, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're looking for a complete overhaul or just a subtle refresh, I'm here to help you transform your space into something truly extraordinary. Say goodbye to outdated pieces and hello to a home that reflects your unique style and personality


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