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Helping to make your house feel like home

How I can help you...

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Color Consultations
Furniture Refinishing
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Photoshop Color Studies
Sarah's work always far exceeds my expectations. Her work is absolutely beautiful! She pays close attention to every detail. We currently have four pieces of furniture refinished by Sarah! Her work is so beautiful, you will constantly be on the hunt for the perfect "new" addition to your home! She is happy to find the perfect piece for you or take a piece of furniture that you are already attached to and transform it into something you didn't realize you could love even more! Sarah is a top notch designer!


Hi, I'm Sarah!


Our homes say so much about us, don’t they? I’m here to help you make your space perfectly your own! 


I have a strong understanding of space and how it could best serve the flow of your home.


I love creating items and spaces that are appealing to the eye, and part of that is knowing when to remove things from a space in order for it to flow better.

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"Your home should be the antidote to stress.
Not the cause." 


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